About Us

This website was born out of frustration.

Even the most beautiful Timeshare Resorts have plenty of unused dates. But maintenance and operating costs go ever upward. All while some owners are using their dates less and less. The question is how to pay the bills and find new share owners.

The answer is to offer lodging to the burgeoning vacation rental industry. But doing so for timeshares is complicated, time consuming and too much work for most owners and resort managers. So YourShare picks up the slack by operating the rental program under the resort's brand or as an owner-direct website.

Why YourShare?

Our team is made up of Vacation Rental veterans. We've been through the battles, won some wars and come out ahead with happy property owners, smiling guests and friendly staff too.

Some of us are timeshare or property owners and others are staff who have work their butts off for years to learn their craft. We have lead the industry, innovated and cooperated.

We are not an advertising listing website that just wants to charge a listing fee without guaranteeing any results. We are managers who handle the entire booking process every step of the way to produce the best results. There is no work for owners.

For every Resort, we handle the advertising, marketing, websites, telephone reservations and guest arrival services. A custom website is created for every resort and every home.

Plus every property is advertised on all the giant listing websites along with hundreds of local both local, regional and global. We do all the work.

Maximum Income. Minimum Fuss.

The goal is simple enough. Timeshare owners use all the weeks they want. Then authorize YourShare to rent out the others. We handle the credit cards, lodging taxes, guest contract and coordinate with the resort.

Guests find new and exciting resorts to visit. Owners make money from their unused weeks. There is no work for the resort who often find that rental guests are ideal prospects for buying a timeshare. This helps find owners with absolutely no marketing cost to the property or the owner.

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