For Timeshare Resorts and Owners

The timeshare industry bought prosperity decades ago, but today it has spawned problems for timeshare owners and resort boards grappling with outdated facilities and aging owners.

Maintenance costs regularly skyrockets at a time when many owners can least afford them, and new owners shy away from buying to avoid the cost. This challenge is facing every timeshare resort.

Some resort boards try to rent or sell shares on giant timeshare websites who promise the moon in return for upfront fees, only to find that they produce few rentals and even fewer timeshare buyers.

Even exchange firms can’t help due to increased exchanged fees and convoluted reservation schemes. Their problem is that 80% of owners want to go to 20% of the popular locations.

Now there is a Solution

Over the past decade, the explosive growth of vacation rentals has been stealing away timeshare buyers who find renting more flexible and affordable. Every guest could be a timeshare buyer.

The rental industry is meteorically transforming. First was Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) then, TripAdvisor, and hundreds more. All backed by giant venture capital firms and staffed by know-it-all techsters who specialize in taking away your customers. They invest billions. Yes, billions. In advertising.

Frankly, the timeshare industry has allowed upstart vacation rental companies to steal their thunder. They failed to innovate, failed to advertise, and failed to adapt the timeshare model to meet consumer preferences. Now AirBnB and other home-sharing websites are eating their cake too.

Luckily a program called YourShare has come to the rescue by helping timeshare resorts market to the vacation rental crowd. It does so with no investment or work by the resorts or owners.

If your resort can’t beat the vacation rental and home sharing intrusion, we suggest it is time to play the game, and YourShare can make it smooth and easy.

Timeshare condos and homes are every bit as desirable to visitors as independent vacation rentals. Except for current timeshare owners, virtually no one knows that rentals at timeshare resort properties exist. It is no wonder that timeshare resells have little or no value.

Unfortunately, marketing to the conventional lodging traveler is time consuming, costly, and highly technical. Now it takes internet experts, engineers, sales professionals, accounting, and friendly 24/7 guest services.

No resort can shoulder that kind of financial and technical burden, so YourShare contracts with cooperating resorts to do everything necessary to build their business, or it operates as an independent owner-direct service.

The homes can be advertised as vacation rentals on all major website including VRBO, AirBnB,, Expedia., TripAdvisor, and more. Plus hundreds of little known websites that can expose your property to millions of people.

How it Works

How to Get Started

To make YourShare services smooth and easy for timeshare resorts, there are no upfront costs, no ongoing costs, and only a time allowance to set up the program and operate it over time.

  • Owners may join or depart from the program at any time
  • They can open and close dates to rental, as they see fit
  • There is no upfront and no ongoing fee to each owner, or to the resort
  • Instead, there is a small 20% commission on each booking procured
  • Owners are obligated to honor future bookings once made
  • Guests can be charged a resort fee to generate income for your HOA
  • Joining the vibrant Vacation Rental Market is not right for every property in every location. But the YourShare program generates rental income and attracts new owners. We do all the work. Owners and boards profit. New guests become new owners. Everyone benefits.